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Designed to meet your objectives, by bringing ideal prospects and business relationships to you!
i.A marketing and business development campaign that will be launched spanning 4 months
ii.A neutral platform for you to take your message directly to your target audience
iii.An opportunity to tap into an extensive media network to expand your message to the audience that matters

China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC) is an independent organization that has an extensive network of media partners, government associations and industry bodies whom we work very closely with that constantly ensures a full and accurate coverage of our target market for any individual event.
Our vast experiences in specialized events derived through being the organizers of multiple successful and high profile conferences and similar scale events. Our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to this industry will ensure that the conference is designed specifically to the target audience.
Our Extensive and focused database system will ensure that our event reaches only to the right people. We pride our services based on the following:
  • Quality of our events
  • Globally recognized brand names for our conferences
  • World renowned clientele
  • Dedicated attention to details in coordinating our events
  • Professional and competent marketing team
  • Adequate ethics in public relations

  • The marketing campaign will start now and will consist of the following:

    Direct Mailings
    We will send specially designed and scripted invitation letters to over 10,000 potential delegates in the gas markets globally.
    Monthly E-mail Updates
    Our database marketing team will provide updated information on the event such as new headlines speakers or sponsors on a regular basis every month to more than 100,000 emails of senior industry leaders.
    Adverts & Editorials In Key Industry Publications
    We partner with leading magazines, gas industry publications and leading comprehensive media to further expand our reach to relevant audiences beyond our regular contacts.
    Cross Marketing With Other Industry Events
    We will cross-market this event along with others responsible by us through banner advertising and on-site promotions.
    Public Relations
    A series of P.R. activities before, during and after the event will be used to inform the regional and international press to maximize press attendance of the reporting for the event.
    Endorsing Associations
    We will invite our partners from the most respected endorsing organizations and government departments to actively participate fully in the event. Such strategic alliances allows us to leverage on benefits such as helping us promote and distribute event materials directly to their subsidiaries and members, thus
    maximizing attendance.
    Joint Marketing With Sponsors & Exhibitors
    This allows us to advertise the event to our sponsors' potential or existing clients. We believe in maximizing the dollar value for our sponsors, offering discounted rates for the registration of our sponsors' list of clients.
    Fax Marketing
    This is an immediate and targeted method of increasing awareness about the event, in which the conference brochures are faxed out to approximately 5,000 targeted individuals.
    Direct Telesales
    CDMC will utilize highly trained dedicated telesales professionals to reach our extensive database of leading industry professionals.

    For media coverage, please contact:
    Tel : +86 21 6840 7631
    Fax : +86 21 6840 7632
    Email: gas@chinadecisionmakers.com
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