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We're honored to hold the event under the auspices of Energy Research Institute (ERI) of National Development and Reform Commission, PRC

Please find the Official Support Letter from ERI

◆ China's first-ever international synfuels conference
◆ China's national endeavor to promote the usage of coal-derived fuels and biofuels
◆ Explore the prospects of the five key oil-substitutes: CTL, Methanol, DME, Ethanol, Biodiesel: Is each of them      entering a fast lane?
◆ An unparalleled platform to gauge the pulse of this nascent industry

How can you afford to miss the event?

Your Eminent Speaker Panel

-Xu Dingming, Deputy Director, Office of the National Energy Leading Group
-Wu Yin, Inspector & Deputy Director General of Energy Bureau, National Development and Reform Commission
-Zhang Yuzhuo, Chairman, Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corporation & Vice President, Shenhua Group Corporation Limited
-Wang Xin, Chairman of the Board, Yankuang Group

-Milton Catelin, Chief Executive, World Coal Institute

-Frans Plantenga, Technical Director Alternative Fuel Technologies, Albemarle

-Jeff Lin, President, China Japan & East Asia, Dynamotive Energy Systems Corp

-Ni Weidou, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering

-Liu Dehua, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University
-Chen Weiguo, Secretary-General, China National Committee of Methanol & Ether and Clean Fuel Automobile

-Dr. Li Xiaoyue, Director of Asia Operations FCStone
-Conrad Hai-Li Bucheleres, CHOREN Industries GmbH Business Development Manager

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